Module 4:  Corinthians and Romans

The Apostle Paul has been called a ‘task theologian’, meaning that Paul’s interest in theology is not abstract but applied to the life and needs of his readers.  Nowhere is this more evident than in the letters of the Apostle Paul to these two churches.  A lack of a Biblical world view and values, false teaching and disunity are some of the issues addressed by these letters, all of which sound very familiar to us today.

2 U of N Extension Studies Credits.

1 Corinthians

1 CorinthiansIt has been said that "even as there was a church in Corinth, so there was too much of Corinth in the Church". This gave rise to a number of letters between the Apostle and the church of his planting in this City.  Through your inductive study you will discover exactly what these issues were and how Paul, the ‘task theologian’, addressed them.  You will quickly discover how many of the same issues are alive in the church today, even if in different clothes. 

2 Corinthians

2 CorinthiansIn this unit you will discover that the letter we call 2 Corinthians is part of a series of letters between the Apostle and this church, and that there have been some serious issues between them. You will identify what these are, and discover the masterly way the Apostle deals with them. Each are issues we can easily relate to and so learn from Paul’s example in this letter.


RomansAs you study Romans it is important to remember that this prince of letters was not written to scholars, but to ordinary believers, like you.  As you apply your inductive skills to this letter and explore both the wonder and the fullness of the Gospel, you will see the reason it was presented so systematically was because of the challenges the Roman believers faced; challenges that are faced by every generation of believers in every culture.