For MATBC students only:  From Eden to the Promised Land

Setting the scene for the whole Old Testament, this module explores the origins of the nations and the nation of Israel. Having shown the deep need of humanity, God breaks into human history and begins his plan of redemption by choosing a man, Abraham and through him a nation, Israel. In these books we explore these beginnings, with God's protection of the covenant, deliverance from oppression, and the commissioning of the nation of Israel to its destiny to be a missionary people on the earth.

Having commissioned Israel to its Calling as God's missionary people, and declared that He would dwell among them, in this module we explore the renewal of the Covenant God made with Israel at  Sinai the entering into the Promised Land. The journey that should have taken less than 40 days took 40 years. After renewing the Covenant in the plains of Moab, the new generation under a new leader begin to possess the promised inheritance. The book of Deuteronomy becomes foundational to understand God's dealings with His people in the subsequent history books.

2 U of N Extension Studies Credits.


GenesisIn this unit, you will be laying the foundation for your study of the whole of the Old Testament.  As you will discover, Genesis explores the origins of the nations and the nation of Israel.  You will understand how in the light of the deep need of humanity God breaks into the human history and begins his plan of redemption.  You will meet the men he chooses, Abraham and the Patriarchs of Israel, and the faith they inspire.  Because of the modern tendency of many to read the early chapters of this book like a science manual, you will consider various ways these chapters can be interpreted.   


DeuteronomyIn Deuteronomy you come to the last of the Law Books, meet the second generation who are about to take the Land, and Moses, who is about to die!  You discover how Deuteronomy is about renewing the covenant with the new generation.  In this book you explore a working model of how to distinguish between which Old Testament laws are directly applicable to the Christian believer today, and which are not relevant today, but are still the Word of God and have contemporary significance.  You also explore the relevance of the Law of Moses to the various domains of society in our Twenty First Century world.


JoshuaThere is much for you to discover in this book where Israel finally possess the land.  Not only will your studies enable you to follow Joshua battle by battle, become familiar with pertinent geography, tribal allotments and the cities of refuge, you will also make application from the examples of leadership, as well as explore further the character and nature of God, specifically in his grace, justice and holiness.