Module 11:  From Cycles of Defeat to Israel's Golden Age

In this module we explore the significant period of Israel's history from what has been called Israel's 'dark ages' in the book of Judges, with the cycles of victory and defeat, to the establishment of the Monarchy under the great King David. With his mighty victories over Israel's enemies King David finished what Joshua began, so all of the promised land was finally settled, and Israel had peace with its neighbours. This ushered in Israel's golden age. The jewel of the book of Ruth, demonstrates how Israel's law worked out in practice and gives hope in the dark period.

2 U of N Extension Studies Credits.


JudgesIn this book of Judges, you encounter one of Israel’s dark ages.  As you study this book, you will encounter a God of faithfulness and covenant love as you work through the cycles of rebellion through to deliverance.  You will be intrigued by the people God raises up to be his means of deliverance, and encouraged by their courage and faith, even as you will be appalled by the depth of Israel’s sin.  You will also discover the rich application each of the judges affords, both for your life and the area of your ministry.   


3 D man teacherIn the midst of a dark period of Israel’s history, we have this jewel.  Ruth, the gentile, chooses the God of Israel over and against her own pagan roots.  You will discover examples as to how the Law of Moses, Israel’s national constitution, worked out in the daily life of ordinary people, and see the wonderful hand of God’s guiding providence.

1 and 2 Samuel

Samuel1 and 2 Samuel were originally one work, as were Kings and Chronicles, and are therefore studied together.  In these books you meet significant figures of Israel’s story.  Samuel, who (reluctantly) leads the nation into the monarchy, Saul, a king of so much unrealized promise, and David, the man after God’s own heart, the man who finished what Joshua began.  With David we enter Israel’s golden age.  As you apply your inductive skills to these books, you will be thrilled and challenged by the vivid application into so many areas of life, both personal and in the wider spheres of your influence.